Setup iCloud Email on Android Phones

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18 Responses

  1. stephygannon says:

    Has anyone successfully synced up with a Razor Maxx? Thanks!

  2. goingforlife says:

    Perfect! Thank you so much!!!

    sis Cassie

  3. mthewhite says:

    Thanks! Worked for me!

  4. MoKaPottery says:

    Thanks so much. Struggled for ages trying to work it out, did a quick google search, found you and it was set up in seconds. :)

  5. Mark says:

    Thank you- this helped get icloud email working again after the most recent Android/Verizon update

  6. johanny says:

    I cant believe worked!! Thank u

  7. Thanks! Worked with my Galaxy Note II

  8. carmen says:

    very helpful…thankyou very much

  9. Steve says:

    Just an alternate setting: I kept getting “Authentication could not be verified until I unchecked “Require Sign In”.
    I don’t know the repercussions, other than if someone can get past my phone password, they could send email disguised as me?

  10. Steve says:

    I meant to add, thanks so much. Yours is the only post that contained the correct settings to fix my problem. I had not been able to receive email on my Razr Maxx since my iCloud account became active, and this was several months ago. What a relief!

  11. Kirsten says:

    Worked for me on my Sony Xperia e, thanks! Had to uncheck the require sign in box. Hope that’s going to be ok…

  12. Shawn says:

    Outgoing i changed security type to TLS, same settings otherwise & it worked-thx!!
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (sprint epic)

  13. Theo Farrer says:

    On my Xperia j, I just pressed next after signin and it works

  14. Tracey says:

    Brilliant just got it on my Samsung s4 galaxy

  15. Phena O'Connell says:

    Can’t get it to work on my Samsung Galaxy3

  16. David Wee says:

    I followed Michael’s instructions on how to set up my iCloud on my Oppo Mirror 3 Android handphone but failed. Pop up stated “Couldn’t finish

    Can’t safely connect to server ( SSL ProtocoException:SSL handshake aborted: ssl=Ox632aOca8: Failure in SSL library usually a protocol error error:140770FC:SSl routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unkown protocol (external/openssl/ssl/s23_cint.c:766 Ox5c753d74 0x00000000)”

    Can some one help me to sort out the problem. Is this a software problem or an application problem??

    Many thanks and would be very grateful if you can come up with a solution to my problem.

    Best regards.

    David Wee

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